Let's help them grow up

Our Mission

The Benny&Co. Foundation's mission is to contribute to the well-being and development of children and families with special needs and to provide them with opportunities for enriching experiences.

These organizations have received support from the Benny&Co Foundation.

  • Quebec Society for Disabled Children
  • Laurentian Hotel School
  • The Marrains Fairies Project
  • The Friends Foundation We Help
  • The Véro&Louis Foundation
  • The Foundation for Eye Diseases
  • Fondation des enfants de l'école Jean-Piaget de Laval

To date, more than $875,000 has been allocated to projects related to our mission.

Our Board of Directors


Yves Benny


Nicolas Filiatrault


  • Marc-Antoine Benny
  • Yanick Benny
  • Josée Benny
  • Diane Denis


  • Vincent Samuel Cabana
  • Vanessa Pinho-Giguère
  • Maryse Benny
  • Guylaine Dubeau

Our main causes supported

Since 2016, the Benny&Co. Foundation has been sponsoring disabled children by allowing them to stay at Camp Papillon free of charge during a summer stay.

Thanks to the fundraiser of the April Taste&Donate Day each year, it is possible to send several children to the camp so that they can experience a stay in the wilderness by providing them with care and activities that are entirely adapted to their needs.

Every year for 40 years now, Les Auberges du Coeur has welcomed 3500 young people in difficulty aged 12 to 30.

With the Auberges du Cœur, the Benny&Co. Foundation has developed a special partnership to renovate inns that require major work.  Over the past three years, $90,000 has been given to the Auberges du Cœur with 11 different renovation projects.